As 2018 has come and gone and 2019 is upon us, I have been contemplating new goals that I could try and accomplish this year. Maybe more blogging will be in my future this year? New Year, New Me? No, probably not. I will continue to spend my days doing school work and spending too much time reading instead of having actual human interaction.

Coming of age books

While reminiscing on the books I have read this year (and all the money I spent on books, yikes!), I decided to jot down some of my favorites. Although I have just recently begun reading, I have managed to read quite a few. I am currently working on sorting through all my books, so I can make more lists of my favorite books.

When it comes to New Adult/Coming to Age novels that I love…

  1. Come Back To Me by Mila Gray
    • This book will tug your heart strings and pull them all the way until the end. In this novel, Jessa falls in a whirlwind forbidden relationship with her brother’s best friend Kit. When Jessa’s brother, Riley, and Kit go off to war, Jessa is left behind. However, on one fateful day, she gets a knock on the door and finds out that one of them didn’t survive. So, who will it be? Her brother or her boyfriend?
  2. The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski
    • Camryn Bennett likes to follow her own path, and that’s exactly why one night she decides to leave town on a Greyhound bus, heading anywhere but home. While on the bus, she meets Andrew Parrish. They decide to partake on this journey of self-discovery together. However, there is more to Andrew than what meets the eye. Will his secret push them apart?
  3. Slammed by Colleen Hoover
    • After the death of her father, Layken becomes the stability her mother and brother need. She meets her new neighbor 21-year-old Will, and she begins to fall for him and his passion for slam poetry. Their newly founded romance comes to a sudden stop when a shocking discovery comes to light. Although they have daily interactions, the only way to truly breakthrough to each is through their poetry.
  4. Sweet Home by Tillie Cole
    • A modern day Romeo and Juliet. Based at the University of Alabama, Molly Shakespeare finds out she has a lot to learn after leaving her hometown in England. She soon realizes that her quiet life is about to change after having a run in with the star quarterback Romeo Prince.
  5. Poles Apart by Kirsty Moseley
    • Emma does everything she can to take care of her younger brother and a secret she has been hiding for two and a half years. Carson is a celebrity, living without a care in the world, and spending his off time visiting Emma once a week at work. However, with the press watching his every move, Emma’s secret can’t stay hidden too much longer.
  6. So…That Happened by Laci Maskell
    • Greyson and Lux are on complete opposite sides of the social scale at their small Nebraska High School. After one night, their lives are forever changed. Greyson has to decide if he wants to live the life others want him to or a life with Lux. Lux needs to decide if she can ever trust Greyson again.
  7. Barefoot Summer by Denise Hunter
    • After the tragic death of her twin brother in a drowning accident, Madison has trouble putting it behind her. In order to find closure, Madison partakes in the town’s annual regatta. She will do anything to win, even if that means accepting the help of the infamous Beckett O’Reilly. Can they achieve her brother’s dream, while overcoming all the challenges the summer has to throw at them?

Must-Read Coming Of Age Books For Young Adults