When you’re in a hurry to get ready, like I am most the time, it’s always good to wear to your ‘go-to’ pieces. My favorite ‘go-to’ piece are my low-rise dark wash skinny jeans. They go with any shirt and any pair shoes. Plus, I’m a skinny jean fanatic, so that’s all I wear. When it came to deciding my shirt, well I matched that around my maroon parka. The jacket is what made the outfit for me. It may be cold outside, but that is not going to stop me from looking stylish. My light pink tank top is monochromatic to my maroon jacket because I wanted something simple and not too distractive. Lastly, I matched my outfit with my ankle high, lace-up brown boots. Little fun fact, they used to be Kim Rowley’s back in the day, and now they are my new favorites. I guess my mom has good style. Go see if you can find your new favorite shoes at Shoeaholics Anonymous.

What’s your favorite ‘go-to’ piece?

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