Tatym after ear surgery

No ear, no problem!!!

Lol just kidding, but I did have surgery on my eardrum today to fix the two holes that accumulated all because I got hit in the head with a soccer ball (I know, ouch!). I had a surgery before on my eardrum to fix one hole a few years ago. The surgery seemed successful at first, but later failed and the hole was back. So when I had my tonsils and adenoids taken out, the doctors decided to take another attempt on my eardrum. When they went in, the doctors noticed that my eardrum had mysteriously healed itself…like what? Anyway I was excited that I didn’t have to deal with ear pain while I was dealing with the pain from my tonsillectomy¬†and adenoidectomy. Now that’s some real pain, but not as painful as when I had shingles, and my mother didn’t believe me, so she wouldn’t take me to the doctor. Anyways, the hole came back and brought another bigger and badder hole with it. Yay me! So here I am with some funky headgear and gauzed filled ear with a cut all the way up the back of my ear as that was the entryway for the surgery. I’m still 100% sure the surgery didn’t fix my selective hearing though, allowing me to still use some great excuses that sound like “I can’t, I have a bad ear”.