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So I may live in Nebraska, which has no big cities what-so-ever and a lot of country and corn fields, but I call my self a city girl. Why you may ask? Well my friends, I tried camping for the first time in my life at 16 years old (I turned 17 while on my “vacation”). I have to admit that it was fun. I loved tubing, jet skiing, laying by the lake all day long, etc. But when I arrived home after seven days of staying in the middle of nowhere with no phone service (WOWZA, I COULDN’T GET ON TWITTER OR INSTAGRAM AND IT WAS HORRIBLE), I have never been happier to not have to wear shoes while showering or have a timed shower that was run by quarters. Plus I did freak out a few times with bugs ALWAYS around me. As much as I complained on this trip about getting horribly sunburned and a bizarre number of bug bites, I would do it all over again. I really did enjoy the beautiful sunsets and not having to worry about anything over the week. Merritt really is stunning and wonderful!