Tatym Rowley


I am a loyal Nebraska Cornhusker fan. The community support for all teams at Nebraska is outstanding even during bad times. That sense of togetherness is a crucial part of what makes Nebraska special. Continued support and passion are crucial elements found in any successful environment. I am also a Minnesota Vikings and Boston Celtics fan.

Reading and writing are my favorite pastimes when I have free time. Being connected with my family and friends is an extremely important aspect of my life. My strong relationships have shaped me into the person I am today. I cherish and look forward to creating many more irreplaceable memories.

I come from a very hardworking and genuine family. I grew up living with my mom, who worked extremely hard to care for her four kids as a single mother. I acted as a caregiver to my siblings growing up as they have many developmental delays and mental illnesses. My mom is an incredible individual who I admire greatly for everything she has done for me. She has instilled in me so many crucial traits that will allow me to be a valuable employee.

My fiancé is Chace Hutchison. We are high school sweethearts, who met through a mutual friend. We attended Wayne State College together, and both graduate in December of 2019. He received his degree in Secondary Education Social Science Teaching. He is an extremely driven and smart man, that has a huge influence on the person I am today. His passion for teaching is inspiring, and I am thankful for the lessons he has taught me through the years.