Knockoff Triangle Zipper Bikini $7

bsuitTriangl bathing suits are the new summer fashion trend. They normally sell for almost $100 dollars at The bathing suit that I got (pictured above) is not triangl, but looks very similar and was way cheaper. I got this Triangl knock-off bikini for only $6.19 + $1 shipping at Now that I got this nice bathing suit for the summer, all I need next is the body that’s in the picture.

Prom :)

promgreen spotted puffer fishsignEvery girl wants a promposal. You know, where the guy asks the girl to prom in a very cool, sweet way. Well, this girl finally got one. Now I did drop a few hints to my boy-toy that I wanted one, but it still counts ;). Plus I did ask him by doing a scavenger hunt, so I set the standards pretty high. Anyway, he asked me by using a sign saying “Tatym, out of all the fish in the sea… will you go to prom with me?” I have to say my heart did melt a little. And along with the sign, I got a fish bowl with two green spotted puffer fish. Warning: these fish need at least 30 gallons for one fish, need to be kept in salt water, and need to be taken care of by “experienced fish care takers”. Well, my boy-toy got me a fish bowl that was less than 5 gallons. He told me he put salt in the tank, so hopefully he did. And lastly the fish were the only pets I have ever had in my life. So unfortunately these fish only lived a day, but it’s the thought that counts.

R.I.P. Tonnie and Clyde

What was your promposal?

Stadium Bluejays Shirt

DSCN0421DSCN0422Some girls say diamonds are their best friends, but for me it’s clothes. Can a teenage girl such as myself have too many clothes?! The answer is no. Not only does this Bluejays shirt (courtesy of Stadium Prints USA) represent my school well, but it also is super comfy. The front is kind of bare, but that is okay because I can show off my necklace nice and clear. My hair is in a fishtail which is my new favorite hairstyle.

Careers, Careers, Careers


If you’re a junior in high school, such as myself, you understand how much of a pain it is to think and talk about what you want to do in the future. Let’s be real, we all want to have money and be successful, but that’s how we end up in jobs we don’t like. I myself have fallen in this trap by wanting to be an anesthesiologist. But one, I can’t even spell it right unless I have Google to help me and secondly, I hate chemistry! Did you know that anesthesiologist get paid crazy amounts without having to look at blood and all that gross stuff, but on the down side they also have to do A LOT of chemistry. So that idea went down the drain. Also, I don’t understand why the guidance counselor keeps pushing down our throats how we should ‘do something you enjoy’. Unfortunately if I did that I would be sitting on the couch all day getting paid to eat chocolate, watch TV, and sleep. They say money doesn’t buy happiness, but I don’t think they understand that I don’t want to be always worrying about money in the future and if I don’t have to worry about money that will make me happy. Money can buy a lot of things though, like a jet ski ;) So I’m caught in this dilemma of trying to find something that I enjoy that also gets paid enough to support all my financials in the future. My options right now are looking like a Physician Assistant or a Nurse Practitioner. Something in the health field makes me happy because I love helping people. Well, we’ll just have to see where life takes me.

Meeting Dustin Lynch

Tatym meets Dustin Lynch“Yep, yep. That’s where it’s at.”

The Pierce County Fair actually brought in someone fascinating and good this year other than the normal which happens to be Johnny Cash’s brother. This year was Dustin Lynch and let me tell you he is not only a good singer, but pretty good eye candy. He sang many of his popular songs such as “Cowboys and Angels” and “That’s Where It’s At” (ie my first line) and many of his songs from his new album. He also did a cover of one of my favorite songs “Red Rag Top” by Tim McGraw which I loved! I got there early enough to get front row. I mean it get’s pretty rowdy in a small little county like Pierce where there is 7,150 people and half of them don’t even come to the fair. Anyways, I got front row and he leaned down and handed me his pick *fan-girl scream* and signed my phone case, which I kept on my phone and the sharpie eventually faded away. At least I will always have this wonderful picture of us together even though I look like I have stalker eyes.

Joining The Real World

Tatym swinging

When I first turned 16, I was looking forward to cruising around with my friends and driving wherever I imagined. But turning 16 also meant that I had to do something so horrifying to a teenager…work. Now I’m not complaining about where I work because it’s a lot better than what some teenagers have to do, but still it’s work. Getting up early is one of the most dreaded things I have to do on the weekends. Plus working after school when you have a TON of homework is also a downside. I already hate the real world, and I’ve only been 16 for a few months. I’m gonna have a long way to go, but once in awhile when I get my paycheck the gray skies start to clear and a little glimpse of satisfaction comes through. It doesn’t last for long since gas is so fricken expensive, but at least I can drive!

4 Excuses To Use On Your Parents

Tatym picking up the trash

Please note that the excuses below are not 100% foolproof as seen above when my mom asked me to help pick up trash for Kiwanis.

If you’re like me, you hate having to put in effort to do things that your parents ask. It’s like the roles change because when we were little the parents did everything. Now that we are older, it’s like parents expect the world from us. I am a teenager, I am not your personal chef, maid, or taxi driver so do it yourself or have your other child do it, just not me! Some of my best excuses include the following:

1. “I can’t, I have a bad ear.” Okay, this one might only work for me because I did break my ear drum by a soccer ball and had to get surgery. So I could also say, “Sorry what was that, I couldn’t hear you since I have a bad ear.” It always works! :)

2. “I can’t, I’m ugly.” This one is pretty self explanatory and fits my life perfectly.

3. Make sure you always have plans lined up to make a quick getaway.

4. When worse comes to worse and you run out of excuses, the next best thing is fake cry. Think of something said and cry a river.

Winter Royalty Dance

Julep Nail Polish

Nails done with Julep Ciara Nail Color (two coats).

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Julep Toe Polish

Toes polished with Julep Josephine Nail Color (two coats).

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Trixxi Sequin Pleated Dress (I got mine from Kohl’s, but it’s cheaper from Amazon).

Paired with Fibi & Clo Black Cascade sandals

And I was ready for the Winter Royalty Dance!

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Sinful Colors Rise & Shine Nail Polish Review

Tatym's Sparkle Turquoise Finger Nails

What do you guys think of my nails?!

I used two coats of Sinful Colors Professional nail polish in Rise and Shine 940 (turquoise) which dries super fast. But one coat was not enough to cover so had to use two. Then to make the gradual sparkle effect, I painted the top half of my nails with China Glaze Pizzazz polish and then dabbed another coast on just the top 1/4 of my nails.  What girl doesn’t love sparkles?

Powerocks Magicstick Review

Powerocks Magicstick 2800mAh

Have you ever been in a situation where you are stuck on a desert island, and your phone is almost dead and you can’t charge it?! Yeah I know that will probably never happen. But just in case it does happen or it goes dead for other reasons, I recommend you carry along a Powerocks Magicstick 2800mAh Pink Universal Extended Battery. These “Super Magicsticks” are portable chargers that available in an array of colors. They come with a plug to connect your phone with the portable charger. The only problem with that is if you have a lame iPhone 4 like I do, the cord plugin is for an iPhone 5. But no worries, any regular charger with a USB plug-in works also. I love this because I always forget to charge my phone. And when the charger becomes dead, it is rechargeable and plugs in to the wall. Also when you go on trips and don’t need the charger right away, it comes with a special powerocks pouch to hold all the stuff you need. So what will happen on that desert island when both your phone and the Magicstick become dead?! Well let’s just say sucks to suck.

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